AfricEnergy Supports Ghana’s Decision to Invest in its Local Content

The AfricEnergy Board, Chaired by Dr Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu, Nigeria’s immediate past Minister of State for Petroleum Resources and former OPEC and APPO President, has voiced its support for the Ghanaian Government’s desire to continue investing in its local content and urged the government to open its doors to African energy players to invest.

Afric Energy believes that while African local content has great potential, and even as the world looks to develop alternatives to oil, Africa must seize this opportunity to close the economic gap between Africa and advanced countries by adequately investing in its local content, and praised Ghana’s decision as “the best decision for National growth”.

The Board urges Ghana’s government to allow other African investors into the country, while encouraging African investors to consider making the bold move to invest in Ghana and other African energy projects, to fulfil the African dream of self funding.

Chairman, Dr Kachikwu also lauded Ghana’s existing Local Content Law, which urges the government to prioritise the employment of Ghanaians in the petroleum industry, and urged the government to seek African investors in order to continue to promote value-adding, job creation, and economic growth.

He said, “Ghana’s statistics indicate that the country has the potential to become one of West Africa’s largest participants in the energy market. Local material must be prioritised for a country to attain its full potential, and Ghana’s government’s continued commitment to including local content is a step in the right direction.”

“I am confident that in a few years’ time, Ghana will emerge as a major participant in the continent’s energy sector,” he added.

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